Stevia-infused pure xylitol.  A deliciously sweet, clean replacement for sugar, that is twice as sweet.  With twice the sweetness of regular xylitol, you only need half as much!

Nutrition Per Serving
  • 10 Calories
  • 4 Carbohydrates
  • Per 1 teaspoon serving
  • Xylitol and steviol glycosides (stevia extract)
  • Granular
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XeroSweet+ Facts

By infusing xylitol with stevia, we have created a deliciously sweet, clean replacement for sugar. And, with stevia enhancement, you need far less than when using just xylitol alone. We’ve used the precise amount of stevia to make XeroSweet+ twice as sweet as regular xylitol.

How do I use it?

You can use it right away, as an easy substitute for sugar in beverages. Remember, you’ll only need half as much as regular sugar, or regular xylitol because we’ve fortified XeroSweet+ Plus with stevia.

XeroSweet+ Plus dissolves quickly in hot or cold beverages — just pour and stir!

When baking, replaces table sugar, 2:1. (2 cups of table sugar = 1 cup of XeroSweet+ Plus)

Use it in smoothies, sauces, dressings and baked goods. Anywhere a healthy substitute for sugar is desired.Use it in any recipe compatible with its clean, cooling taste, especially with mint or citrus flavors.

How is it made?

Stevia and xylitol are a powerful combination. Stevia, as a high intensity sweetener, is 200 – 300 times sweeter than table sugar (sucrose). Xylitol works synergistically with the stevia, to both enhance its flavor, and add a fuller texture.


SteviaSweet stevia powder starts its life as an all-natural stevia leaf. When the stevia leaves are processed, using only a natural water extractions process (never any petrochemicals or bleaches!), the result is a creamy white powder, called steviosides, or Rebaudioside A. It is 250 to 300 times sweeter than sugar yet has no carbohydrates or calories, and is safe for diabetics and those with hypoglycemia.

SteviaSweet stevia powder uses the least bitter, sweetest constituent of the stevia leaf, resulting in a sweet, clean flavor.


Xylitol can be made from either corn cobs or the bark of hardwood trees such as Birch.  At Steviva, we prefer the more environmentally friendly corn cob source.  Since the cobs are typically discarded, using them to create xylitol mitigates waste.  The need to harvest from the bark of hardwood trees is, in effect, killing the tree.  And, with 15 or more years to regrow a Birch or hardwood tree it is hard to justify that practice when corn cobs are readily available as a true renewable resource.

Our xylitol uses only Non-GMO corn.  After the corn cobs are ground to a pulp, put into a slurry of water and fermented, XeroSweet uses a natural ion-exchange interaction of hydrogen, hydrochloric acid, and steam. The waste water from this process is used for mushroom farming adjacent to the factory itself, and the pulp is used for fuel. Birch bark source xylitol uses sulfuric acid in place of hydrochloric acid. This creates a waste product which is not suitable to be reused in any other manner.

We are pleased to offer the most environmentally friendly xylitol available today.

Health and Dietary Information

Xylitol is absorbed more slowly than sugar, and has a high digestive tolerance.  Stevia is naturally non-caloric.  The combination of xylitol and stevia together yield a minimal glycemic impact, and are perfect for low carb meal plans.

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Where can I buy it?

XeroSweet+ is available in 1 lb and 5 lb bags.

You can also find it on and at many co-op and grocery stores.

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