<p><em>keeping your word and doing what you say</em></p> <p>I recall a mentor of mine once said to me that integrity is about keeping your word and if you become your word your word becomes universal. <a href="https://www.steviva.com/attitude-of-accountability/" class="read-more">Read the rest... </a></p>
<p><em>giving your hope and approval</em></p> <p>I was listening to Jack Kornfield’s lecture on Generosity this morning. It is really beautiful and a great way to spend the morning. Hear it at <a href="http://diydharma.org/audio/by/artist/jack_kornfield">http://diydharma.org/audio/by/artist/jack_kornfield</a> <a href="https://www.steviva.com/generosity-and-blessings-2/" class="read-more">Read the rest... </a></p>
<p><em>a long walk with bright sunshine can save your life</em></p> <p>The health of the public is being put at risk by recommendations to cover up and stay out of the sun. <a href="https://www.steviva.com/a-walk-in-the-sun-for-the-health-of-it/" class="read-more">Read the rest... </a></p>
<p><em>five sensible tips on taking our time to take it all in</em></p> <p>Life in the modern age can seem to be all consuming. I know I find it that way sometimes. <a href="https://www.steviva.com/beautiful-moments-going-unnoticed/" class="read-more">Read the rest... </a></p>
<p><em>how to maintain your cool in un-cool situations</em></p> <p>I gotta tell you, when it rains sometimes it pours but, the hallmark of the mature, fully functioning, self-actualized person is the ability to be cool, calm and collected when caught up in the inevitable crap storms daily life delivers. <a href="https://www.steviva.com/weathering-a-crap-storm/" class="read-more">Read the rest... </a></p>
<p><em>how you define yourself can shape your future</em></p> <p>How do you define yourself? Do you define yourself as your work? If you are a lawyer do you cross examine your family? <a href="https://www.steviva.com/define-yourself/" class="read-more">Read the rest... </a></p>
<p><em>happiness is not a target, it is a state attainable by being in the present</em></p> <p>Happiness…we all crave it, seek it, work for it, demand it, command it, embrace it, and bathe in it. <a href="https://www.steviva.com/happiness-in-the-present/" class="read-more">Read the rest... </a></p>
<p><em>five ways to tap into and trust your intuition</em></p> <p>Listening to your intuition is one of the most powerful assets you can carry in your savings account of personal development tools. <a href="https://www.steviva.com/trusting-your-intuition/" class="read-more">Read the rest... </a></p>
<p><em>vanquishing lost dreams and regret</em></p> <p>Louise E. Boone, emeritus professor of business at the University of South Alabama was quoted to say “The saddest summary of a life contains three descriptions: could have, might have and should have”. <a href="https://www.steviva.com/shoulda-coulda-woulda/" class="read-more">Read the rest... </a></p>
we mortal
<p><em>living every moment to its maximum</em></p> <p>A revelation came to me the other day while on a long and steep bike ride. I realized, I am not getting out of this alive. <a href="https://www.steviva.com/we-mortals/" class="read-more">Read the rest... </a></p>

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