Feasting In The Fast Lane

“How to maintain your weight while eating on the fly”

If you’re speeding through your meals in the fast lane, you’re making it a lot easier to overeat and a lot more difficult to lose weight.

From start to finish, slow down! Take time to enjoy your meals and avoid the speed-eating trap that’s been your ticket to overeating.

These tips will help you avoid the trap:

Gauge Your Hunger: Ask yourself if you want to eat because you’re hungry. If not, go for a walk or drink a glass of water, or do both.

Be Seated: Sitting down for a meal helps you to focus, relax and slow your eating.

Abide by Your Plate: Always eat from a plate… and the smaller the better. When serving yourself on a 9-inch plate, fill about half with low calorie foods such as vegetables and fruit, and the remainder with whole grain and lean protein foods.

Decelerate: Concentrate on chewing your food (chew each bite at least 20 times) and enjoying the flavors and sensations it brings you. When you savor your food you’ll get more satisfaction from each meal.

Beware the Food Police: These are your friends and relatives who make you feel uncomfortable when you eat light, healthy meals or eat slowly in their presence. Be proud of what you are doing to take care of yourself, and don’t let them make you feel anxious or you’ll end up overeating like they do. Set a good example, but don’t become the Food Police to them, either.

Keep your radar detector on at all times and don’t get caught in the speed-eating trap. By slowing down and focusing on your food, you’ll give your body time to sense that it’s full before you overeat.

Eat in the slow lane and you’ll find that you eat less and enjoy your meals more.

Have an excellent day.

Thom King
Steviva Brands, Inc.

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