Looking Out For Number One

a community of support and healing

Often I find myself taken aback by the little serendipitous occurrences that happen to me – it seems in succession. This was a week filled with coincidences. It started with a long time deserved day off. I have burning the candle at both ends and I was really looking forward to it. I was very disappointed when it didn’t come to fruition because of work demands. I moped around for a bit until one of my trusted advisers suggested that I do something nice for myself and take care of myself and look out for me. It has always been a struggle for me to allow others to step in and take care of me or even allow anybody to actually do anything for me. It has been a source of my independence I guess.

Yesterday while on a really awesome mountain bike ride I ran into a woman who had experienced a flat tire. I was really running late and had to get back home to meet some friends for an event but, I felt compelled to stop and help her with her flat. She was resistant as first but, she finally acquiesced when I told her I have fixed dozens of flat tires and could be in and out in under five minutes. While changing her flat she had shared with me that this was one of her first rides since recently recovering from breast cancer treatment. It’s a long hard road back. She also remarked that usually she is the one taking care of needy people but, had learned from having cancer to allow others to lend a hand and to make her healing process a community effort. I told her I understood and hopefully it will not take cancer to allow me to let a community support me. She added since cancer had disrupted her life she takes no day for granted and lives each every day to its fullest.

I enjoy helping people out and doing unexpected things for them. Not for any other reason than it brings me joy to make someone’s life a little better. The take home from this entire series of events for me was to do nice things for people around you but, allow them to do nice things for you too. Relationships of all kinds are a process of give and take not just give or just take. And the second lesson is you never know what you might get back when helping somebody in need. There might just be a valuable lesson in it for you by simply opening your eyes and of course your heart.

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