Tis The Season For Portion Control

how watching portions will allow you holiday sweets and treats

Tis the season where sweets and treats are abundant, tempting and in your face at the office, home, friends and just about everywhere. We are hit with a slew of temptations from now until the New Year making it harder to stick with exercise and diet. Family gatherings and holiday travel make it sometimes difficult to continue on your fitness journey. The holidays revolve around good, rich and tasty foods which you want to and should partake in especially if you have been exercising and eating right diligently for the rest of the year. The key to keeping things keto is portion control on the carb-rich and sugary sweet foods. Take into consideration the fact that it is not just one meal you will be attending that will include these foods so restraint and portion control is even more important.

It is easier to control a meal if you are the one hosting, making choices to use healthier alternatives which everyone will enjoy. This is a great way to give your guests some tips so they can use them for their own entertaining. Whipping up tasty keto treats for family and friends is a nice gesture but sharing nutritious meal tips can help your guests maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Food choices that are lower in sugar and higher in good fat can sometimes actually taste better than the original item. Using plain full-fat yogurt,  sour cream and sugar-free mayonnaise can increase healthy fats of items such as coleslaw and other cold salads. Even egg and tuna salad is delicious done this way. You can also use lemons, grainy mustard and full fat yogurt for a simple yet tasty, creamy salad dressing.

This holiday season, rather than serving sugary drinks and punches use  KetoseSweet+, MonkSweet+, Fructevia, Steviva Blend and Steviva Brands Pure Stevia Powder. You don’t need to cut out sweets completely, just cut down on them and savor it with a small portion.

When being a guest, make sure to select the most nutritious items offered. Find a few of treats you like but take smaller portions so that you can enjoy more than one. Don’t go overboard, this way you can sample some more at your next outing and still stay inline with your calorie intake. If there is one item in particular you like best, forego all other sweets, then get a nice serving of that which you love the most and enjoy it.

Whichever course you elect to take, remember to have a great time and exercise moderation. Portion control will be your friend that helps you make it through the holiday season with out the gift of weight gain.

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