Your Best Year Is Just Ahead

bringing in the New Year with hope and change

Now that we are about to welcome in the New Year what will in store for you? Do you foresee more of the same or are you planning to kick butt and take names with a proactive action plan? Whatever your plan, the best is just ahead for you – yes you!

You can get everything you want out of your life if you follow one basic principle and that is “those who keep doing the same things over and over will never reach their full potential and will always get the same results”. If you plan to turn the pages in your calendar from 2018 to 2019 without making significant changes don’t expect significant results.

To help get you motivated here are twelve things to ponder in the days to come. To do this properly you’ll need a little time, a lot of commitment and paper to write it all down.

  1. When the New Year arrives it’s a whole new ball game. There will be no coasting off yesterday’s effort and results.
  2. Bid farewell to everything that doesn’t work for you. Learn to let go of unproductive habits and procedures. Why keep doing something if it doesn’t deliver the results you want?

If what you’re doing isn’t working – just stop doing it. Quit being afraid to learn something new. Live on the edge – go out and invest in yourself through Podcasts, books, on-line classes, videos or audiobooks that will sharpen the skills that need to be sharpened.

  1. Ask yourself what kind of person are you? What kind of person do you want to become? What would it take to become the person you’re capable of becoming? It usually takes courage and action.
  2. A very successful man was asked many years ago what advice he would give college graduates on how to become successful. Without any hesitation he said there were three steps to success: First, figure out what you want. Second, Figure out what you’re willing to sacrifice to achieve it. Third, just go do it.
  3. What do you value most in your life? Does what you value most get most of your time? Remember, your actions speak louder than your words.
  4. What are the attributes of a successful motivated person? Do you possess any of these attributes? If you do, how are you planning to capitalize on them? Successful motivated people seldom get average results. Winners deal with adversity and achieve the results.
  5. Make a list of all the things and all the people you may have taken for granted. Make another list that describes how you plan not to take these people and things for granted throughout 2010.
  6. We are all works-in-progress? What specifically are you working on and what’s your timetable for getting it done. Procrastination kills more good intentions than anything else.
  7. Life is filled with would’a, could’a and should’a. What are you doing or what are you not doing today that someday may become a huge regret for you? You’ll live a fuller life when you pursue your goals today before they turn into regrets tomorrow.
  8. Stop and think for a moment. Can you think of a special person who had a big and positive impact on your life? Call them before it’s too late and personally thank them. You’ll feel good and they’ll feel even better.
  9. These are the best of times, if you allow yourself to think positively and creatively. Life will never be easy, it wasn’t meant to be. Give thanks for what you have and convert everything you’re dreaming about into written goals with completion dates. People who passionately reach for their goals with a sense of urgency usually achieve them.
  10. Write it down single day… What have I learned today? What have I improved today? What have I enjoyed today? What do I plan on doing to get where I need to be? Think it and ink it.

There’s a time to reflect and a time to act. This is a good time to reflect. When January 1st arrives you have another 365 days to act.

The best is just ahead! Here is to a peaceful holiday and prosperous New Year.

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