Naturally sweet SteviaSweet tea cut stevia leaves are delicious hot or cold

naturally sweet and delicious

Fructevia can reduce sugars up to 75% while maintaining delicious flavor with no aftertaste

perfect for cooking and baking!

The one and original stevia blend can cut sugars up to 95% with delicious flavor and little aftertaste

great for cooking and baking!

The convergence of natures very best sweeteners - monk fruit and stevia. Deliciously sweet and low in sugar.

a dream for and baking!

Naturally extracted SteviaSweet stevia is 300 times sweeter that sugar with no calories or carbs.

pure stevia extract powder!

XeroSweet+ stevia fortified xylitol sweetener, naturally low in carbs.

great for cooking and baking

Naturally low glycemic and deliciously sweet - FruSweet functions exactly like sugar.

Non-GMO cane based crystalline fructose!

Bulk and wholesale sweeteners for manufactures and power users

clean label sugar reduction

Steviva introduces stevia fortified coconut sugar

mineral rich and low glycemic

Nectevia stevia fortified agave nectar for low glycemic beverages and baked goods!

use in place of syrup or honey

Clean Sugar Reduction

Replacing your table sugar with a low glycemic low calorie sweetener is one way to help you achieve higher dietary goals, but a drop-in solution is hard to find. Most of us balk at the idea of artificial ingredients. Steviva has your solution. Although many of us often say they want to reduce calories, many would choose sugar, honey, agave or other nutritive sweeteners over artificial ingredients. Steviva Brands has your solution with our vast selection of all natural sugar substitutes.


Our all natural line of good for you sweeteners are terrific options for clean label cooking and baking. All of our sweeteners are derived naturally are low glycemic and free of chemicals. Use our line of all natural sweeteners anywhere you would use sugar for spectacular results in beverages, frostings, cakes, fruit preserves or drop a little in your coffee or tea. Your friends and family will be delighted with the clean sweet results.


Steviva Brands line of sweeteners are naturally produced from Non-GMO ingredients. Out natural Non-GMO sweeteners are ideal for use as for sweetening delicious homemade sauces and beverages with a fantastic clean and natural flavor. Our sweeteners are synergistic with most other common ingredients with a better flavor profile than many other high intensity sweeteners. Our sweeteners come in a variety of particle sizes from crystalline to powder to replace table sugar and powdered sugar in your recipes.


Steviva is one of the largest suppliers of all natural clean label, Non-GMO sugar substitutes. Because of our high volumes our pricing can be some of the lowest you will find for such high quality. Furthermore, our contracts with suppliers provide consistent, dependable ingredient sourcing making Steviva your source for super high quality all natural sweeteners at a fair price.
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Backed By a Solid History of Food Safety and Quality Products

Our entire line of sweeteners are manufactured locally by our parent company, Steviva Ingredients thus ensuring you the highest possible standards for quality control and food safety. For spec sheets, documentation and samples of any of our sweeteners call our Customer Service Expert at 310-455-9876 or email
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GMO Free, Pesticide Free, Petrochemical Free, and Gluten Free Products

We have an extensive system in place for ensuring the highest possible standards for quality control of our products. The consumer's health and well-being is our highest priority, and everything we do is managed with that in mind. We employ leading experts in the field of all natural sweeteners, and we have partnered with reputable laboratories to ensure the purity and safety of our products.
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