Hooked On Sugar?

Sugar addiction has long been joked about, and there’s good reason. Many medical professionals believe that having sugar cravings, losing control, and over-consuming sweets is due to lack of willpower. But years of research are now forcing them to see sugar addiction in a new light — one that doesn’t blame the person.

Studies suggest that certain brain actions and characteristics associated with the intake of sweets overlap those of drug addiction. For example, one study showed that sudden abstinence from sweets triggers withdrawal symptoms similar to those of sudden abstinence from drugs.

So if you crave and overeat sweets, and want to wean yourself from them, going cold turkey may not be the answer. Plan a phase out stage, allowing yourself an occasional small candy or cookie eaten along with a healthy diet of moderate, regularly scheduled meals.

The reduction of sugar can also be greatly enhanced by replacing you sugar consumption with all natural sugar substitutes like Steviva Blend and SteviaSweet Pure Stevia Powder.

Withdrawal symptoms will be minimized, if not entirely eliminated, and you will greatly increase the chances of kicking your sweet habit forever.

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