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Offering Comfort

Consider offering comfort and succor to individuals who are facing dire circumstances or have recently lived through traumatic events. It is natural to want to be as reassuring and encouraging as possible, we may question how it is best to offer both comfort and guidance. However, simply our presence and words will likely have an…
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Considering our Whims

Close your eyes and imagine that your life is replete with untapped resources. This process will inspire you to ask yourself what you want out of life.  Your life is filled with abundance making you more comfortable with spending money or acquiring new material possessions. By purchasing expensive luxury goods you've long coveted or rewarding…
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Visions of Failure

If you ever find your thoughts filled with visions of failure and mishaps that will likely never occur, they may nonetheless make you feel fearful and devastated by all you see in your mind's eye. I know I sure do. It's the unwanted committee chiming in. If you want to regain peace of mind, consider…
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Sharing Joy With Others

Interacting with others of like mind can encourage us to explore social events in our local area, or invite some friends and coworkers to our home for an informal party. It is a soul enriching endeavor to share our joy with others by volunteering our time to those in need.  Looking to share more? Consider…
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Creating a Charitable Mindset

Let compassion flood your soul. It will awaken you to the plight of people in need, both in your community and on a global scale. Put yourself in a charitable mindset. This will drive you to dedicate a portion of your time or your resources to improving the lives of others and making the world…
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Let’s Party!

Having a party is fun! Social gatherings are great ways to share good times with others, you can also choose to make every interaction festive and meaningful. By adopting an outgoing, friendly attitude, you will create opportunities to interact positively with everyone you encounter. You can share a few laughs with coworkers, enjoy an intimate…
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The Importance of Play

Today I would like to announce a play day and dive into the importance of play. If you are like me I am sure you experience an internal struggle between your desire to enjoy yourself and your need to fulfill your obligations. Choosing play could leave you feeling like you aren’t as responsible as you’d…
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Vanquish Stress or Frustration

Sometimes everyday tasks can weigh heavily on your mind or cause you to feel overburdened. Whether you are facing a full agenda at home or work, you can take responsibility for your responses. Instead of giving in to stress or frustration, consider the many days in which your duties have felt like an exciting challenge...…
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The Love of Friends and Family

Take the time right wow to engage in fulfilling conversations, do something fun with friends, or go on a family outing. The people you approach are likely to appreciate your social mood. Instead of thinking about what your relationships can do for you, think about what you can do for your relationships. When you can…
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