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Sleepless in this Season


three reasons why you can’t snooze Insomnia refers to a prolonged time in which a person cannot get a sufficient amount of sleep. There are different types of insomnia; sleep onset which is the inability to fall asleep, or sleep maintenance which is the inability to stay asleep. Sleep is an imperative part of good […]



four tips to avoid these four letters Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, otherwise known as GERD, is commonly recognized with a main symptom of heartburn. This is a condition that if left untreated can be a precursor to certain types of cancer. GERD is a result of an anatomical dysfunction between the stomach and the esophagus, in […]

Avoiding the Gift of Holiday Weight Gain

Five solid tips on curtailing the temptation of over-indulgences I can’t even believe that next week is Thanksgiving. Wow, it’s hard to believe that a year has nearly past and the holidays are now upon us. Since the holiday season is nearly here, Steviva Brands is here to offer you some sound advice that can […]

STOP! In The Name of Love…!

Judi Gelman

Does the phrase: “STOP! In The Name Of Love,” sound familiar? Well, if you are of my generation (I am 51 and going strong) it conjures up the song by the Supremes. Great song, but that is not what I am referring to. By this phrase I mean – stop treating your body unhealthy by […]

Be Savvy on Supplements


five tips to pick out the best Have you heard the saying, there is a pill for everything? That can be pharmaceutical or natural. The purpose and definition of a supplement is “that completes or enhances something else when added to it.” What is that something else? It is a good diet that is based […]

How Lives Are Changed

taking the first steps in a long journey My neighbor is a non-functioning alcoholic. In as much as any alcoholic is non-functioning he is at the end of the trail or shall I say cliff. His wife left him back in July. I was the one who gave them a ride to the airport, him, […]

A Pleasing Personality


three traits of optimal aging Of the many factors that make up our health and weather it is good or bad, our personality and outlook on life aren’t often discussed. Discussed in “The Okinawa Program” personality is associated with longevity, which has been studied and shown that there are key characteristics that are linked to […]

Beautiful Moments Going Unnoticed

five sensible tips on taking our time to take it all in Life in the modern age can seem to be all consuming. I know I find it that way sometimes. I can become so involved in the minutia of media, phone calls, texts and emails that the basic natural outside world seems to just […]

Correcting Weight loss Mistakes

seven great tips that will get you skinny So you have tried everything to lose that spare 10, 20, 50? And… you just can’t seem to lose it no matter how hard you try. Her are a few mistakes you might be making along with practical solutions that will get you on the fast track […]

Your Mind Matters Most


four must do’s for a good mood Your brain is like the computer controller of the rest of your body, it sends signals, gets feedback, circulates hormones, regulates your nervous system, and much more. Some make an analogy that the brain is like the hardware and the mind like software. Without debate, they work synergistically […]

Breast Cancer Prevention Month


three actions to go beyond awareness It’s that time of year where we get out the pink as a way to bring awareness, but more importantly, prevention of breast cancer. One in eight women are diagnosed each year, and if caught early, have good outcomes of going into remission. Nationally, October is known for Breast […]

The Link Between Most Diseases


three ways to avoid inflammation Most disease starts with a process called inflammation. Like many things it is a double edged sword. Inflammation is what can cause healing to occur, or bad things to happen. You know you have inflammation going on if you are in pain, have allergies, were injured, or have swelling. However, […]



in the form of two timeless tasks There are some simple things that don’t change over time. From the moment you enter this earth until the day you leave, your body still requires nourishment. On your “birth” day, can you think of what it is that gave you life and then sustained it? It was […]

You Only Have Thirty Days To Live

doing what we really want to do The other day I was working at my desk and had a nice big stretch. Arms in the air, back arched I scratched under my arm. That’s weird… that feels like a lump. I felt under my other arm and guess what. No lump. I felt under the […]

Health At Home – Where The Heart Is


five healthy at home tips to keep you tip top Have you heard the saying, health is in your own hands? Or did you just trust your doctors to know what’s right for your body? Doctors are first and foremost a teacher to you. To educate, empower, and enhance your bodies function and response to […]

To Screen or Not To Screen


A Prostate “PSA” Statistically speaking men often don’t go to the doctor unless there is something really wrong. Cancer is one of those things that can go really wrong, but no one goes to the doctor, with the suspicion of cancer, it is often symptoms that deviate from the norm that cause one’s alarm to […]

Five Steps to Celebrate Healthy Aging Month


Each month there are approximately half a dozen to a dozen health awarenesses to observe. September is a special month in that it generally represents a starting over. This is the ending of summer and the start of fall, a season that is about letting go. Further it is the start of school for many […]



mooove over milk here’s five nondairy sources This magnificent mineral is the the most abundant in our human body. Calcium is used for more than just helping make strong bones, it helps with the function of muscles and nerves, keeps the heart pumping (a big muscle), helps with the production of hormones, blood clotting, and […]

GMO-Just say NO!


compelling reasons to stay away from franken foods Have you heard the term GMO: Genetically Modified Organism? It refers to a technique of infusing different species genes into another species. An example of this, is taking genes from the white flounder fish and adding them to a tomato, in attempts to make the plant resistant […]

Summer Fun


three things to do while on vacation The sun is shinning and the heat is on. Summer is here and to be celebrated. With celebrations come occasions which puts us out of our usual routine: trips to the beach, weddings, bbq’s, and other travel. By usual routine, this means healthy eating, workouts, taking supplements and […]

Is it Hot in Here? Or is it my hormones?


five balancing tips you can do at home Hot flashes can occur in both men and women who have an imbalance in sex hormones. These hormones are not only for reproductive benefit, but total body: brain and cognitive function, skeletal and heart health. When we speak of hormones, most often it is related to progesterone, […]

A Body In Motion Stays In Motion… Now Get Moving

tips getting and keeping a quick energy boost Walking, cycling, stair climbing – any activity that makes your heart pump hard qualifies as cardiovascular or aerobic exercise. It’s one of the cornerstones of a good fitness program and it’s the best way to burn calories, strengthen bones, and build up healthy heart and lungs. Below, […]

The Single Most Important Thing for Your Health


the breathe of life Inhale, exhale, yes BREATHING, is the most important thing! Without oxygen, your system collapses with unconsciousness in 10 seconds, and brain cells are destroyed in 4-6 minutes. While most of us our breathing, since it is part of our autonomic nervous system, we don’t have to be concerned about becoming brain […]

Love Life

how’s your life love? It has been said by several wise men and sages particularly of which is Wayne Dyer, that a human life is simply the sum of all of our experiences and choices. Good, bad, happy or sad our lives are filled with rich vibrant experiences that make us… well, us. How you […]

Good Carb Bad Carb

how to tell which carbs to eat and which to avoid Most carbs are the same in calories the only difference being at what rate does your body burn the calories in that carb. Good carbs contain fiber which slows absorption of the sugar content and other nutrients. This is the case with leafy greens […]



the correlation between your car and body When do people most often go to the doctor? Often when you’re sick or broken down right? When do we take our cars in? Usually, it is a few times a year for oil changes and maintenance. Perhaps you have already heard the saying, “An ounce of prevention […]

Slow The Flow and Decrease The Roll

eating slower may lead to a smaller waist line If your body has one major flaw, this is it: It takes 20 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain that it’s had enough. A study in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association found that slow eaters took in 66 fewer calories per meal, […]

Homeopathy Explained


what the law of attraction have to do with it Homeopathy is a type of medicine that originated in Germany over 200 years ago and founded by a physician, Samuel Hahnemann. We know that both physicians and physicists discover the laws of the universe that science is based on. For example Sir Isaac Newton developed […]

Seeds for Health


how do they help your hormones Did you known that both men and women have hormones that circulate throughout the month [1]  and can correlate with nature’s cycles, such as the moon? A woman’s 28 day menstrual cycle, often syncs with the 28 day moon cycle. What happens during the month for women is that […]

Taking A Big Bite Out Of Weight Loss

smaller bites may lead to a smaller waist line The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that people who took large bites of food consumed 52 percent more calories in one sitting than those who took small bites and chewed longer. By cutting food into smaller pieces, you can increase satiety and enjoy your food […]

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